The Double Anniversary

25 years BLF, Berlin Leder Fetisch e.V. and 50th edition of EASTER BERLIN, LEATHER FETISH WEEK

Influenced by the visit of the New York leather club “The Cycle MC,” in the 1970s, several new leather clubs were now forming throughout Europe. Leather clubs appeared in Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich and London. In a peaceful competition of the individual clubs, Ber­lin claimed the Easter weekend for itself to organize a Leather event, which took place for the first time at Easter 1972 (and before there was at all an actual Berlin club). This new “Easter meeting” was still organized privately by just a handful of people. By the event‘s success the association named “MSC Berlin” was founded short hand and has been the official organizer of the “Ostertreffen” in the years to follow.

Owing to the engaged club members this Event de­veloped to become one of the largest fetish meetings in all of Europe and attained world-wide fame.

The MSC Berlin association dissolved itself in 1997 due to various arguments, but also because of the decreasing number of members (in a time of AIDS).


On April 16, 1998, the founding meeting of the association “BLF, Berlin Leder und Fetisch e.V.” took place, which organizes this meeting ever since.

In 2013 a complete renewal took place with the BLF with regard to associations and public visibility. Since then the brand “Easter Berlin” has gained even more importance.

Due to corona, we had to cancel the Easter meeting completely in 2020 at short notice and unfortunately could only make a virtual edition in 2021.

In 2023 the 50th Easter Meeting, now known worldwide under the name “Easter Berlin – Leather Fetish Week” will take place.

In 2023 we celebrate our double anniversary with a big outdoor fetish festival!
The festival can be found at Nollendorfplatz – below (covered) the subway line and can be visited on Easter Saturday, Sunday and Monday, from 12-22 o’clock.

All information can be found >> here