Jens Walker


Oh boy, what a ride! My year as Mister Leather Berlin 2018 is almost over - and my experiences are hard to express with just words or numbers. My year as a titleholder was more than just 108.322km of traveling during 27 trips on 52 flights, 205 hours on board of planes and 59 parties - my year was first and foremost one thing: A year in which I met amazing people worldwide and acquired friends for the rest of my life.

During all of my trips I always packed my leathers, my humor, and the desire to represent a community that actually deserves that name: A place of tolerance, understanding, and listening to each other. All the way from Sao Paolo to Schöneberg, from Portland to Cologne I listened to personal stories and was able to put an end to some prejudices about the fetish community.

While I’m at it I would like to thank everyone who made this year possible for me. The BLF and especially Tommy who always had an open ear for me, Mister B who helped me out financially, all clubs and organizers that invited me to their events, the family of titleholders that went with me during this beautiful year and of course my partner who had so many weekends without me but never stopped supporting me all the way. Thank you all, you were amazing!

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