Alexander Cabot


Age: 30 years
Fetishes: leather, uniform, rubber

1) What was your first leather / fetish dress?
Actually, a 2-size Nappa leather pants that I have got very cheap online. But That really was not yet with fetish ulterior motives. That came a little later than me I decided to buy leather chaps because I found this garment very erotic. You can do it not telling anyone, but the very first fitting was quite adventurous. :-)

2) Do you like to wear your leather / fetish bags ...?
Definitely my leather chaps! Matching leather boots and my wonderful jockstrap by Manstore.

3) What do you associate with leather / fetish?
Very inspiring feelings and experiences And when I wear leather, I also feel always well dressed. From a fashion perspective, leather is a very timeless material that you always have can wear and combine well.

4) leather, rubber, uniform, skin, Snqaker etc., what connects you with the other fetish directions?
By a dear friend I came in contact with rubber and, since we are the same size Of course, I also could wear something. I was surprised how interesting and exciting it is felt like wearing rubber tight rubber caps that really accentuate any contour of the legs. the Flip side as well. Uniform is just a little fetish of mine. Of course leather is and remains my fetish Number 1, but every now and then it may also be a little change.

5) Do you wear body jewelry (piercinqs, tattoos, etc)?
I have a few tattoos. But at some point would like to have a biomechanical tattoo to have. 

6) Why did you choose the title, MR. LEATHER BERLIN "advertised?
Of course because I love leather idolatrous, represent the fetish and the community to the best of my ability and because I think it would be good if Berlin gets a Mr. Leather who has mastered the way of a gender equalization. It would set a sign for one multi-faceted, diverse, tolerant and open-minded leather community.

7) What would you like most about MLB?
Many things are important to me, but for me it is particularly important to be able to reduce prejudices and that You never stop talking to each other. And by that I mean, to assemble, face to face Face to face possible improvements.

Miq also attaches importance to the interests, interests and needs of the (berlin) leather community national and internationally represented, with all its facets and variations. Listening and listening for those who may feel that they do not really belong.

Addressing discrimination within the homosexual community is also important Point. It makes me sad that it happens "among each other." We are all in the same boat and want to be accepted as we are. To find each other is a waste of Forces. These forces should be better used to make improvements for everyone - the Community in all its diversity - there.

As an MLB, I want to be someone who supports the visibility of the fetish community that you look for
can go and with whom one can talk about everything. I would also like interesting projects support. The issue of gender equality and the associated concerns and needs are also very important to me.

8) What do you want to achieve or change or achieve in the year as an MLB?
Expanding horizons, mine as well as others. Encourage people to live out their perhaps still slumbering fetish. It was initially with me so much that I've been thinking far too much about how that affects others or what other people might think.

A part I have already addressed in question and would like to do this again with a sentence Summing up question number 8: I want to promote cohesion and encourage dialogues' I want to help reduce prejudices, of course, in terms of leather and fetish, but also in Regarding my background on gender equality, there is - unfortunately enough Need for action exists. I experience again and again people who have "heard of it before", However, they have never come into direct contact with it, but have already fallen in the apron their Ufteil. Often there are many fears of contact.

Then there are of course also the good sides: many are very surprised that one Gender matching can be so excellent in the result and that one is "so normal" without any oddities. And when people see, hey, that's just a normal gay guy, then it might make you rethink. Because often it is ignorance that causes rejection. From therefore, I believe that visibility can also contribute to better acceptance. Of course, I realize; that positive change neither from one day to the next, nor from one human being is achieved alone, but you can do its part and I think that you can can move a lot together.

I want to represent the leather community as I always experience it myself: a community, who is open, tolerant, welcoming and diverse.










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