Shaved heads. Ska Music.

Skin Berlin.

Dear Skins and Punks.

The trees are flaking, the days are getting damn short, the nights are even longer: the ideal time to really sink in and drown out for nights.

The SKIN + PUNK WEEKEND has loads of opportunities, especially if you're subscribed to special fetishes. EASTER BERLIN (BLF) is one of the few clubs in Europe that every year organizes a special weekend only for gay skinheads and punks.

Therefore EASTER BERLIN (BLF, Berlin Leather and Fetish e.V.) invites the international congregation of gay skins and punks to Berlin for the 23. time. The scene is once again the heart of the Schöneberg scene.

For all official events this weekend is a strict dress code!


The skinhead:
Shorthair hairstyle, Domestos jeans, Worker clothing, Leather, Rubber / Latex, Suspenders, Doc Martens (other boots), Bomber jackets, etc.

Prohibited are:
Symbols of the right skinheads: S (for Skrewdriver) 88, 18 and 28 (Blood of Honor)

The punk:
eye-catching irokese hairstyles, deliberately shabby clothing, colorful jeans or leather jackets, parkas, buttons, safety pins, dog collars, padlocks and chains, cartridge straps and gallows strings (provocative), etc.

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